Many people want to purchase a small camper van for their travels. However, finding the right one that is not too expensive and still provides enough space and features can be challenging. To help you in your quest, this list of 12 Best Small Camper Vans Under $25,000 is here.

Turn on your computer and go to YouTube or Instagram. You’ll find videos of people driving across the desert in a gourmet camper conversion or exhibiting the newest and greatest compact travel trailers. As a global phenomenon, individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds have given up their prior lives and gone to the open road in off-road vehicles and camper vans.

To satisfy your off-grid adventure craving, snagging an inexpensive camper or small trailer help keep your van living expenditures low. Running costs for certain automobiles like the Dalbury E Electric are under 2p per mile, making it possible to travel between countries on a budget or save money for future travels.

The 12 Best Small Camper Vans Under $25,000

We’ve compiled a list of the 12 Best Small Camper Vans Under $25,000. If the pricing below does not include the cost of the van, we will have the conversion cost at the bottom. Based on our investigation of used vehicles on the internet, we estimate these vans are purchased for less than $8,000 each.

1- Honda Elysion – $24,557

We’re headed back to Wellhouse Leisure for our second small home on our Best Small Camper Vans list. Even though this Honda Elysion is at the top of our price range, it’s worth every penny. It’s worth spending the additional cash since the inside of the camper looks brand new. It is why we created this list of the 12 best small camper vans under $25,000.

Wellhouse has installed a rock-n-roll two-seater bench that turns into a bed in this Japanese minivan. They’ve also installed an escalating roof in the living room to make it simpler.

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2- VW Caddy – $24,550

I never realized how much you could accomplish with a bit of camper or a small van until I wrote this essay. On the other hand, this stealth camper van is fully equipped with everything you could ever want.

There is also a vehicle provided at no extra cost to you. VW Caddy is a brand name known for its quality and affordability in camper vans. It provides consumers with a wide range of choices regarding size, engine type, and design style.

3- Citroen Berlingo – $23,943

Chapel Motorhomes has the ever-popular Citroen Berlingo. Pop-top with a double bed for an adventurous couple seeking the most OK little camper van around. So long as they are okay with spending a great deal of time together.) Micro camping is a snap with this city-dwelling M.P.V. as your starting point. Its low price tag makes it one of the 12 Best Small Camper Vans Under $25,000.

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4- ROMAHOME R10 – $22,095

The R10 is ideal for a single traveller who likes to keep things simple while on the road. Conversion comes with everything you need to prepare a solo meal, including a sink and a burner, lots of storage, and a single bed that seems like it’s constructed from the most oversized foam cushions.

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5-SsangYong Turismo 4×4 – $23,329

Are you seeking a stealth camper that can serve as a family vehicle? If so, Wellhouse Leisure’s unique SsangYong Turismo Camper is the vehicle of your dreams! Four-wheel drive is included for those difficult-to-reach locations in van life. It’s compact enough to fit into Europe’s many underground parking garages. The SsangYong Turismo 4×4 is the

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6- Mitsubishi Delicia – $12,217

Love Campers in the U.K. built this Mitsubishi Delicia Chamonix camper van conversion, a fitting name for a firm specializing in making beautiful conversions in even the tiniest areas in the van world. One is best in the list of 12 Best Small Camper Vans Under $25,000. 

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7- Citroen Dispatch – $11,290

Convert Your Van’s “surf van”-style modification of the Citroen Dispatch completes one of the most incredible tiny camper vans. If you’re apprehensive about driving a larger car but don’t want to give up the Beach Boy’s design, this is the vehicle for you.

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8-Renault Traffic – $11,971

Small campers and larger ones might be difficult to choose between. Clearcut Conversions, on the other hand, have an obvious solution. We’ve got Renault Traffic on the list of vehicles that lived in. A complete kitchenette is included, as well as luxurious leather chairs. The Renault Traffic is the 12 Best Small Camper Vans Under $25,000. Renault Traffic’s safety ratings are also impressive. It received five stars from Euro NCAP for adult occupant protection in frontal impact tests.

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9- Toyota Sienna – $8,500

They have an excellent minivan camper on the market for a terrific price. While it is easy to integrate into the everyday routine, it has many hidden uses for those who want to live in an off-grid environment. Although it is one of the tiniest van conversions on our list, Oasis Campervans Toyota Sienna is no slouch in terms of performance.

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10- Jeep Wrangler Unlimited J.K. – $7,950

Most people connect a Jeep Wrangler with rough, off-road adventures. Small camper van conversions benefit from this vehicle’s association with an adventurous lifestyle. On the other hand, Jeep isn’t only famed for its off-road prowess and adventurous spirit. 

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11- Nissan NV200 – $7,998

While more oversized recreational vehicles might be frightening, little camper vans are an excellent way to get your feet wet in the van-living community. For compact camper van conversions, the Nissan NV200 is a perfect choice. Even more impressive than its tremendous luggage capacity is that the Nissan NV200 is both fuel-efficient and comfortable to drive.
There’s a camper van out there for everyone, whether you’re exploring the bush or cruising the metropolis.

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12- Ram Promaster City – $7,000

Camper vans like the Promaster from Ram are available in various sizes. Our American readers will be familiar with the last camper modification on our list. Also, it’s our cheapest option on the list. The Ram Promaster City is arguably ideal for a stylish stealth camper in the urban environment. 

It’s the most unnoticed thing you can do. Cascade Campers install a fragile solar panel to the roof of a conventional cargo van, making this vehicle suitable for off-grid living, a stealth camper van with a bed.

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Every tourist chooses a campervan that fits their budget thanks to the wide variety of options available. Whatever your requirements are, there’s a vehicle out there that’s just right for you. We hope this selection of our 12 Best Small Camper Vans Under $25,000 has been helpful to you in your search. 

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