Outdoor activities like off-roading and the vehicles needed to traverse unpaved roads and trails, but how much do off road tires cost? Off-road tires are a must-have for any serious explorer, and we’ve compiled a list of the top options for your consideration if you’re in the market for some new rubber. Off-road tires are safer and don’t have to sacrifice much of their on-road performance. It’s becoming more and more common to see off-road tires on smaller cars like sedans and sport utility vehicles as more manufacturers introduce vehicles with all-terrain capabilities.

How Much Do Off Road Tires Cost?

All-Terrain vehicles are designed to perform effectively in city and highway travel without putting a dent in your wallet. Using them for both regular commuters and off-road excursions is their optimum use. As their name suggests, mud-terrain tires have been specifically designed for off-road usage, including dealing with loose sediments and rocks. Mud-terrain tires often don’t function well in rain or snow, and driving on pavement may cause excessive wear, particularly in the summer. 

Having the optimum performance on the road and off-road since most trucks, S.U.V.s, and crossovers have a dual use. Here is a list of the best all-terrain tires on the market, which will outperform competitors in any situation. And how much do off road tires cost?

The Discoverer AT3 4S from Cooper Tires

How much do off road tires cost? When it comes to off-roading, Cooper’s Discoverer AT3-4S tires are a decent mix between off-road capabilities and highway driving. The discounted price is $214.99. Wet roads and light snow are no match for this tire’s ability to maintain traction. According to Tire Rack’s 10-point rating system, based on more than 1.3 million miles of driving experience, the AT3-4S has received an overall score of 8 to 9 out of a possible 10. Off-road capabilities, rainy and dry road performance, cold-weather performance, and comfort are all included. 

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Many people love this tire since it’s long-lasting and reliable for camping and Overlanding. According to customers, compared to other all-terrain tires, they have a relatively low level of road noise. Compared to some of its rivals, they have a more rigid ride. The Discoverer AT3-4S is a bit less costly than the finest for challenging terrain. 

Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 BFGoodrich Tire

It’s no secret that the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tires can take on some serious off-roading. But how much do off road tires cost? While this tire performs well in sand and mud, it lacks snow-biting sipes, so drivers in colder climates should look for a different tire option. The BFGoodrich KM3 makes up for its lack of snow and ice traction with off-road prowess. The cost of a tyre is $337.00.

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Rugged tire tread and sidewall can withstand rocks and roots, while comprehensive, blocky prints and a supple tire formula provide excellent traction. Some users have likened this tire’s rubbery rumble to similar mud-terrain tires that make a similar thrumming noise. This tire has a rating of 8.6 on a scale of 10 from users, which is relatively good for a mud tire.

General Grabber of Arctic

Consider a seasonal tire like the General Grabber Artic designed for pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles, and vans if winter’s sloppy, snow-covered, and icy roads have you driving white-knuckled. How much do off road tires cost? This tire provides grip in the coldest climates and is intended to accept optional metal studs for people who need to manoeuvre through snow and ice. Winter sipes and squared shoulders on the tire’s broad, flat footprint help it perform well in dry and wet conditions. 

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Even in thick snow, the snow-biting surface edges improve traction. Grabber Arctics is quieter than other snow tires and has enough traction to give two-wheel-drive cars an advantage over four-wheel drive with more traditional tires. Tires costs.US$275.00. The three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) logo identifies the Grabbier Arctics as meeting industry standards for severe snow servicing.

TerrainContact A/T Continental

Towing and off-road enthusiasts will benefit significantly from Continental’s TerrianContact A/T tire, designed for trucks, S.U.V.s, and crossover vehicles. How much do off road tires cost? The cost is $429.99. The performance of the wet and dry roads is superior to other all-terrain tire rivals, including hydroplane resistance and consistent brake traction for safe driving. These vehicles are known to have low road noise levels and are yet competent off-road. 

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Regarding the gas economy, most drivers didn’t detect a difference and claimed that the ride and handling were smooth and steady. But the winter and snow performance is just 7.9 out of 10 on Tire Rack’s performance rating. Because more giant tread blocks are needed to improve grip in the mud and dirt, the vehicle’s noise, fuel consumption, and wear would all rise. Exceptional city and highway performance is the price to pay.

Encounter with Sumitomo (AT)

The Encounter AT tire from Sumitomo is intended to perform well on every terrain and delivers. How much do off road tires cost? Costing $155.74, it is costly. This tire’s all-season traction and go-anywhere capabilities are reassuring to drivers at an affordable price. Those who have driven on these tires in snowy and icy situations have found them entirely trustworthy, even in the most challenging weather.


Compared to other all-terrain tires, the Encounter AT’s mudding ability is a little lacking, but its treadwear is still remarkable even though it receives an 8.1 on Tire Rack’s 10-point rating scale. As a result of meeting industry standards for heavy snow service, the Encounter AT line is marked with a snowflake with three peaks (3PMSF).


Since we have discussed, how much do off road tires cost? Wheels examined and analyzed various expert assessments and user ratings for truck, S.U.V., and passenger car tires available in the United States to choose the best off-road tires on the market today. We could choose the best tires for various uses by combining crowdsourcing data with decades of personal automobile care knowledge. 

These tires provide the following:

  • Solid off-road grip.
  • Superb wet and dry road performance.
  • Longevity.
  • The most pleasant ride. 

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