How to keep RV cool in summer? In this blog, I will discuss. As you know, summer is hot weather, so summer travel comes in hot weather, and summer RV camping may be a lot of fun for the whole family. Still, as the temperatures increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your trailer cool. When traveling with an RV, you’ll want to have air conditioning, but these units may be energy hogs and aren’t always adequate to keep up with the South’s sweltering temperatures in the summer.

We’ve gathered the best advice from full-time RV who have done it before for the hot summer months, and how to keep RV cool in summer? How to keep RV cool in summer? If you are traveling in summer on RV and cannot afford an air conditioner? I will give some tips about this.

How to keep RV cool in summer?

  • Cover the windows

As you know, Windows may let in a lot of fresh air while also trapping a lot of heat. Even if they are tilted or double panned, they can still heat up quickly.

Opening the windows or without using any insulation when the sun is out will raise the temperature. So, either insulate them or ultimately lower them.

How to keep RV cool in summer
  • Park RV in shade

Shade has a lot of power, so don’t undervalue it. If you don’t have an air conditioner installed and leave your RV in the sun, it will get hot.

On a bright day, if you’re inside your RV, the temperature may get too hot. If you’re boondocking, especially, be sure to place your RV beneath a tree for some much-needed shade. Alternatively, if you’re staying in an RV park, look for a spot with plenty of shade for your vehicle.

It’s crucial to keep the RV pointed in the right direction while parking. It’s a good idea to keep the RV’s windows and door in the airflow direction.

  • Extend the awnings on your RV.

An RV awning may expand your living area. They provide a patio space to make your RVing experience more enjoyable.

When the sun is shining brightly, the temperature inside might rise dramatically due to the roof’s radiant heat. Awnings come in handy at certain times. Tops are made to offer you shade and additional living space for your RV while not in use.

Awnings may be transformed into an additional room using a variety of innovative ideas and materials. The awning space may be transformed into an RV room with accessories that hide the awning.

Awnings are not standard on all RVs, though. If this occurs, your best option is to procure a canoe. Alternatively, you may create a shade using a tarp and a pole.

How to keep RV cool in summer
  • Switch to LED lights

Most RVs include high-heat-producing bulbs or halogen lights as standard equipment. Something that is typically overlooked.

However, this might act as a heat source, raising the temperature inside the RV. It’s especially true if the lights are left on for an extended period.

Switching to LED lights, which are energy-efficient and generate far less heat, is one of the greatest ways to eliminate this problem. If your RV was built with LED lighting as standard, you’re good to go.

  • Cook Outside

Our propane grill and electric burner saw a lot of action. Meals that needed to be heated up were cooked in the open air. There’s no need to turn up the heat, making the air conditioner work harder and making the passengers uncomfortable.

During lunch preparation, we became aware of the RV door opening and closing repeatedly. “Close the door,” like my father would say to us as children. We’re not the ones who’ve had the climate control on.” With everything ready, Levi and I would venture out into the sweltering summer heat in an attempt to appease our growling stomachs. Outside-cooked food, in my opinion, always tastes better. To our best ability, we waited until after dinner had finished cooking before entering the RV.

  • Insulate Other Areas of the RV

It was “Keep cold air in and warm air out” this summer for us. Inside and exterior, we made a few more improvements. To keep the underbelly cool and shaded, we added our custom-made skirt. (It keeps the floor and storage compartments warm in the cold as well.)

  • Transportable Fan

Place a couple of tiny fans around the RV to help circulate fresh air and keep things comfortable. Even the most minor USB-powered fans contribute to a healthy circulation of fresh air.

  • Airflow system in RV

Cool air will naturally fall to the ground in your RV, and hot air will ascend to the roof. RV Airflow, for example, circulates the air in your RV to keep it cool.

How to keep RV cool in summer


How to keep RV cool in summer? We conclude that if you travel in RV in the summer season, you can stay cool RV of a different method when you cannot afford an AC facility. If our RV keeps cool in summer, we could easily satisfy travel and enjoy the family trip. We have already given some different suggestions which follow we can easily travel without air conditioner and enjoy family trips.

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