Camper vans are now a part of the modern lifestyle. People use them to vacation, explore new places, and live in the moment. Due to their popularity, camper van furniture is also becoming more popular. They want to ensure how to secure camper van furniture while on the road. You have a deep attachment to your camper van. 

It travels with you and protects you from the elements from one coast to the next. But what about the inside? It’s starting to look a touch stale. Some floorings are worn, the sink has seen better days, and the furniture is antiquated. Why not move some of your home’s furnishings into your camper van? It’s a typical problem: the furniture in your house would look fantastic in your camper van, but it isn’t exactly suited to do so. 

It isn’t an issue when camping, but tables and chairs are damaged while it’s being towed around. However, crafty camper van owners take their furnishings when they travel. How to secure camper van furniture is covered here.

The Seats at the Back of the Van

Regarding the living quarters of a camper van, the most significant element is the seating. It’s essential to provide ample seating for everyone and any potential visitors. The camper van’s basic seating configuration is ideal for tiny automobiles. It makes the most of the available area. The seat holds three people or more if youngsters are present. 

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When travelling on a camper van, you should know how to secure camper van furniture. The van’s front seats made tare o rotate around for further mobility. With everyone facing one another, this creates an inviting gathering spot. You optimize your van’s space by using the front seats this way. The chair in this illustration is made into a bed for two people. It advances to take up the vacated area.

L-shaped Layout

Vans with standing rooms might benefit from an L-shaped layout, which is found along with the seats of the vans. It provides more significant space for people to move about. With seats along the van’s side, you can go between the living space and the cab without getting out of the vehicle. This structure is ideal if you want tur camper van for other purposes, such as moving furniture, transporting bikes, or transporting surfboards. 

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It is adaptable and enables many items to be loaded. This configuration is also ideal for panel vans since you can sit on the seat and gaze out of the open side loading door. Other things, such as surfboards, are also housed in the cupboards installed over the sitting area. There is a lot of storage space under the chairs. So, that’s how to secure camper van furniture. 

Campervan Kitchen

Campervan kitchens are a somewhat new phenomenon, but they are becoming increasingly popular. They are perfect for people who love to travel and enjoy cooking outdoors. It will help you how to secure your camper van furniture from problems.

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The location of the seats typically determines the location of the kitchen. You’ll likely have to use the class across-the-van seating configuration. You have a few alternatives if you want to use L-shape seats. Cabin’s kitchen area. 

Pre-made modules from D.I.Y. shops are the best option for installing kitchen cabinets quickly and easily. Fitting to panel vans usually needs adjusting since van walls are seldom level. To utilize the limited space in my kitchen, I built the unit out of 9mm plywood.

Velcro Straps

One of the most common ways that how to secure camper van furniture. It comes with Velcro straps; these are placed on the bottom of the table and looped around its legs. Secure your camper van’s swaying furniture using Velcro fasteners, a non-invasive option. Consider using Velcro adhesives to keep a table in place while it’s being transported, consider using Velcro adhesives. 

You stick both sides to other things using Velcro’s self-adhesive backing. You use Velcro to hold your table in place while it is in storage by determining where you would want it to be. Once you are at your location, you move it about.

Cords from Bungees

If Velcro isn’t your thing, bungee cords can be a good alternative. Four eye bolts should be screwed into the floor of your camper van at the back, with enough room between them to accommodate the furniture you want to strap down. Next, attach the table with eye bolts using a bungee cargo net. It is how to secure camper van furniture.


Roll down the Bolts

If you love your furniture and its location in your camper van, you can fasten it to the floor using bolts. Use tiny wood screws to secure the table to the floor by attaching it to the brackets with little angle pieces. 

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However, if drilling in your camper van’s bed, take additional care to know what’s below. If the van’s fluid tanks or mechanical components are located underneath you, it might be a pricey and nasty situation.


We hope that this article has helped you in the process of how to secure camper van furniture. Your camper van is a labor of love for you. It travels on excursions with you, shielding you from the rain and the sun throughout the country. A typical dilemma is that your home furniture might look fantastic in your camper van, but it’s not suited to the task. When camping, it’s not an issue, but when it’s being towed around, tables, chairs, and other items might move about and cause damage. However, there are creative methods for campers to carry their furnishings on the road.

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