Space is limited in R.V. motorhomes, so we have faced difficulty during the cooking because the size of the kitchen is tiny. If you want some rv kitchen storage ideas, expectantly, these will give you some suggestions for managing the space in your small campervan kitchen. 

Because the kitchen in the R.V. is tiny, it’s a bit difficult to work in, but no issue. Your kitchen is small or large in your R.V. If you use it the best way, you can get maximum storage. Here are some helpful space-saving rv kitchen storage ideas. 

Magnetic Spice Containers

If you love cooking, organizing your spices is essential and one of the best rv kitchen storage ideas. You can use a magnetic spice container to quickly fix anywhere, such as the fridge door and cabin. Many kitchen pieces (knives, scissors, folk) are magnetic and can be arranged on a magnetic belt attached to the wall.

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Collapsible Colanders

RV kitchen storage ideas are a must-have when living in an R.V. Collapsible colanders are the best storage ideas for your R.V. kitchen, which can be used whenever you cook or wash vegetables or fruits. You can fold it and keep it in the cabin when you finish work.

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And you can quickly boil pasta and vegetables and immerse in cool water, which is the best thing about colanders.

Foldable Dish Tub

The RV Kitchen storage ideas are endless. This collapsible dish tub is stored in your camper to save valuable storage space. It can be used to wash plates or to store fresh produce.

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These containers are BPA-free and opened with a simple lid pop. When folded, this dish tub takes up only 1.6 inches of space in your R.V., allowing you to save up to 70% of your storage space. Plus, it has a hook on the back, so you can hang it in your kitchen and use it at all times.

Oven Mini Mitts

One of the most common rv kitchen storage ideas is using oven mitts. Because these oven mitts are so tiny, they can handle the hot edges of a cast iron pot or remove baking dishes from the oven without taking up too much space. It’s a lot more accessible than lugging around a bunch of oven mitts in a bit of a camper kitchen. 


Cabinet Storage Basket

Cabinet storage baskets are an innovative way to store kitchen essentials. It is one of the most popular items in rv kitchen storage ideas. It has a lot of benefits and uses. The space taken up by a small trash can on the floor of your R.V. is staggering. One option is to buy an over-cabinet wastebasket that fits snuggly into your R.V.’s kitchen or bathroom cabinetry.

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Removable Countertop

Removable countertops have become popular rv kitchen storage ideas because they are easy to install and remove. It will allow you to store extra items and still have space in your R.V. for cooking or table space. 


The need for counter space is well-known to anyone who has ever travelled in an R.V. With this clever R.V. storage trick; you can snag a few extra bucks. When cooking a meal in your camper, use this oak cutting board as an additional serving surface. Place kitchenware and spices in it.

Spice Gripper

Get spices boxes off the shelf by adding spice grippers inside a cupboard or two. The rv kitchen storage ideas, so are not scattered around the kitchen. While your R.V. is lurching around, your spices won’t spill or smash into each other even those spices you use sometimes will be easier to find.

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Food Storage Container

Your R.V. does not have much space, so; your dry fruits keep in a storage container, which is the best in rv kitchen storage ideas. These food containers contain a five-size container, and each has a spill-proof cover with a pouring pipe. You can easily manage your R.V. kitchen if you remove all the individual boxes and food bags.

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Measuring Cups and Spoon

This article aims to provide the reader with different rv kitchen storage ideas they could implement. Measuring cups and spoons have been around for centuries, and their usage has evolved. The evolution of measuring cups and spoons shows how objects can change with time. These cups and spoons contain long handles that we can use easily, and our grips stay secure. 

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The R.V. kitchen can be difficult to store your dishes, utensils, pots and pans. But with a few rv kitchen storage ideas, you can save space and make your life easier. If you’re fed up with the rattling of your plates as you drive, In addition to keeping leaves in one place, the Stack-a-Plate organizer eliminates bothersome road noise. Dishes are kept safe from damage with the Stack-a-Plate, a non-stick backing.

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Stackable Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

Having some of these extensible and versatile kitchen shelf organizers in your R.V. kitchen is excellent. Depending on the size of your campervan kitchen cabinets, either stack or align the two shelves. It’s the rv kitchen storage ideas for storing plates, mugs, and other utensils. 

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R.V. Fridge Braces

Suppose you’re looking for affordable rv kitchen storage ideas. In that case, R.V. Fridge Braces are a great solution as they provide an easy way to organize your R.V. kitchen while also maximizing space. 

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Using these R.V. Fridge Brace-Holds, you can keep your fridge organized. The brace clings to the refrigerator’s lid when driving, preventing food from sliding around and spilling. The Brace-Holds are simple to use and prevent cartons from shifting or falling. Use it to keep your fridge in tip-top shape. 

Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

Previously, rv kitchen storage ideas were limited to cabinets and drawers. However, the introduction of collapsible dish drying racks has changed this.

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Collapsible items are becoming more common. In addition to being convenient to use when needed, these dish racks are best for R.V. storage. Its BPA-free dish rack contains four tiny utensil compartments and a giant dish and bowl compartment. It is also used to hold fresh fruits and vegetables.


Rv kitchen storage ideas for your rv, you know that R.V. is a small-size bus used for travelling. In R.V., during travelling, we need a cook and eat food, so we need a small kitchen to cook food. So, In the above, we give a small kitchen storage idea of how to use the small kitchen in your R.V. We can keep the organized space discussed above with many such kitchen pots.


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