What Generator Size Is Needed to Power an RV Air Conditioner? As you know, electricity is the most important and valuable invention in this era and the most massive source of power for developing the human race for periods in the health and scientific fields. But also modern accessibilities. That realm of more fabulous technological living isn’t restricted, mainly when it comes to the domain of camping.

On the other hand, modern technology can be fully utilized if we comprehend it. We can become bogged down on where to begin or how to make anything work. There is no exclusion to this rule when it comes to the air conditioning in your RV. An overheated trailer is the worst! When it comes to operating the AC in your RV, what size generator should you get?

Transportable RV Generator?

If you are going camping and then feel very hot and if the temperature is high, you think about the transportable generator that can work for an RV air conditioner.

Then we refer to RV transportable generator, and when we discuss the two generator 2000w-2400w inverter, we show the two pictures below. These are the most valuable generator and standard generators for RV motorhomes

If you can purchase a more significant transportable generator, that’s are very heavy. But we can use a limited physical capabilities generator for camping.

What Generator Size Is Needed to Power an RV Air Conditioner

What Generator Size Is Needed to Power an RV Air Conditioner?

Now I will tell you about the size of the generator we used for the RV, and the size of the generator depends on the particular equipment within which you have your RV motorhomes.

Put another way; you need a generator that can power your RV air conditioner’s running and starting wattages, as well as any other appliances you typically operate at the same time.

If your air conditioner uses 2,000 watts to run, for example, you’ll need a surge protector. You also prefer to leave your refrigerator (using 1,600 watts) and microwave (using 800 watts) on standby.

The generator size for camping and RV air conditioner watts must be decided upon immediately. There is a wide range of sizes and capacities in RVs. Therefore the need for a power generator to drive the air conditioners varies from one to the next.

For the most part, a 3000-4000 watt generator will suffice for most recreational vehicles. This amount of power can run your camper’s other appliances as well as the 14000 BTU air conditioner. Tourists from the UK, Europe, Australia, and the United States frequently use specialized generators to power the air conditioning in their campers.

What Generator Size Is Needed to Power an RV Air Conditioner

How to decide the right size of generator for my RV

Here there are many when we select the right size of generator for my RV. Most people generate questions about how much power they want accurately and with fuel proficiency, portability, and size. Lots to think about, and you don’t want to buy a generator that won’t work for you.

The highest things to be looking for when contemplating a generator to power your AC unit are.

  • Wattage
  • Portability/Size
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Fuel type
  • Budget


Having a generator powerful enough to run your air conditioner while on the road should be a top consideration. When it comes time for RV owners to choose a generator, this is one of the most important considerations. All other appliances, such as electric heaters or microwaves, pale in comparison to the demands placed on your air conditioner.


The portability of a portable generator is unbeatable. The size of the generator is essential while looking for the suitable one for your setup. It’s common for portable generators to come with wheels and handles, although this isn’t always the case. It would be greatest if you thought about the weight and size of your generator. Is it going to fit in your RV or car? Alternatively, will the process of loading and unloading the vehicle be a hassle on each camping trip?

Fuel efficiency

There is a maximum amount of fuel that can be stored in any given generator. The fuel economy is essential if you want one that doesn’t require a lot of babysitting or refueling. The cost of gasoline, fuel, and propane is constantly changing. A fuel-guzzler of a generator is the last thing you require! Depending on the model, some generators use less energy than others. If you’re worried about how much fuel you’ll need in the woods, investigate fuel economy!

Fuel type

For this reason, having a generator with many fueling choices may be the best option for you. Dual fuel generators are standard, although you may prefer one over the other. No issue how you look at it; not all generators are created equal, so be sure to look for one that matches your fuel requirements.


When looking for a generator, price is an important consideration, just like with anything else. Expect to pay more than the average camper if you want a generator that can handle your air conditioner and more. However, limiting your generator’s output wattage can save you money in the long run. Having a backup generator is usually a good idea, but if you aren’t planning on using it to its full potential, a smaller, less expensive one might be better for you.

What Generator Size Is Needed to Power an RV Air Conditioner


What Generator Size Is Needed to Power an RV Air Conditioner? Perhaps your confidence in your requirements and wants has returned! Even though there are several possibilities, setting priorities will help you narrow your search and ultimately locate your ideal partner. Are you aware of the wattage requirements for your air conditioner and other essential appliances?

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