Most people’s introduction to the outdoors is via a car camping trip. Many of our friends and family members need clarification on the question, what is car camping? Which we use often. First of all, let’s define car camping. To those just beginning their camping adventures, what tips do we have for you? How can one ensure a pleasant overnight stay in a car? If you want to know that and more, keep reading!

What is Car Camping?

Car camping is understood in two different ways. Camping at a place accessible by automobile is the more common understanding of car camping. Unfortunately, in the debate about what is car camping? Many use car camping to imply physically sleeping in one’s vehicle. 

It’s a frequent misperception that sleeping in a car is safer and more convenient than in a tent. A decent tent will be able to withstand moderate to severe rain. However, this fact is often overlooked. Better than sleeping in the vehicle, a good sleeping bag and pad keep you toasty in temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit.

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When you go car camping, you bring your tent and other camping equipment in the trunk of your vehicle, drive to your campground, and pitch it there. What is car camping? It is also known as “base camping” or “tent camping” by others. The tent site is easily accessible, a massive plus for vehicle camping. There’s no need to compromise on “luxury” goods that make camping more pleasant when your tent location is so near to your car.

The cast-iron dutch oven, the gas stove, and the 10-pound tent are probably not necessities for a hiking trip to a campground. All these possibilities exist while camping in a vehicle and may make the experience more pleasant, especially for first-timers.

How do You Begin the Car Camping Adventure?

The easy way to get into car camping is to grab some tenting gear and go to a nearby state park campsite. That’s why and what is car camping? Someone with more expertise should accompany your first camping trip. If you find someone with more camping experience, they can teach you the ropes and lend you equipment for a more pleasant camping trip. You won’t be “the dude” for long if you follow their advice on proper camping etiquette.

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How About Some Tips for Car Camping?

Having a false feeling of security when car camping is possible. Given that you have access to a vehicle, it would be simple to let your guard down. Following these guidelines makes it easy to have a fun and safe vehicle camping experience.

Consider the Measures

Access to adequate nutrition, housing, and clothes may make or break a person’s ability to go through the day. But what is car camping great essential? Prepare yourself for the weather you’re likely to encounter on your vehicle camping trip, and you’ll have a much more pleasant time in the great outdoors. Overpacking is encouraged for car camping since you are limited only by the size of your cars than the weight of gear. You’ll know what you need and what is extra over time.

  • Consider both the meal you want to prepare and the necessary cooking implements. Expect to spend more time prepping and cleaning up after meals cooked over a campfire or burner than you would in your regular kitchen.
  • The shelter is one on the list of what is car camping and its implements. Protect yourself from the elements by ensuring your tent and rain fly are entirely set up with all the necessary pegs. While additional constraints may not be required, having them on hand is a good idea in the event of strong winds.
  • Keep an eye on the forecast and pack for the season and expected rainfall patterns. What is car camping, and what is necessary? Clothing made from Merino wool or synthetic materials is excellent since it is worn all year. A windproof and waterproof outer layer is ideal for keeping the elements at bay and staying dry. Stay vital in buying new gear for a weekend camping trip; repurpose some of your existing mid-layer pieces.

Camp Gear Checklist

What is car camping, and what to make sure of? Only wait to test your camping equipment until you arrive at the campsite. 

  • Before heading out to the camp, ensure you know how to use and set up any borrowed equipment by having a friend or family member demonstrate its usage at your house.
  • If you don’t bring a hammer, you can find yourself in a bind if the ground at the campsite is substantial and you need to drive in your tent pegs. 
  • You may go to a nearby store to pick up some necessities if you’re vehicle camping. But that’s different from the kind of activity you want to engage in at a campsite.
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Drive to the Campsite Early

Setting up a camp is much simpler when the sun is up. 

  • There is much that can be seen with your lantern and headlight. If you have to set up in the dark, you may end up in a less-than-ideal position and orientation. What is car camping? Look for a somewhat flat spot on the property. 
  • Making camp under the shade of a tree is not a good idea. 
  • Your night’s sleep will be interrupted by crashing branches, nuts, fruits, and fluids. In a well-used campground, the ideal place to pitch a tent will have already been claimed by other campers. 
  • Pick up pebbles, sticks, or other debris that might puncture your tent’s footprint and throw it away. Tent doors and the partition wall should be positioned in a suitable location. 
  • To avoid being seen by other campers, you should face the tent’s wall in that direction and open the entrance facing away from the trailers. 
  • Now you know what is car camping. Set up your tent or sleeping bags, so your head is higher than your feet if you are sleeping on uneven terrain. Setting up your sleeping bags perpendicular to the slope will result in at least one person being squashed every time you turn over. 
  • Putting your head down lower than your feet might cause discomfort.


Since we have discussed what is car camping. The popularity of car camping may be attributed to the fact that it requires little in the way of special preparation, and gear is often recycled. Take a break from your routine and get out into nature whenever possible. Car camping is a compromise between actual bush camping and the comforts of home. That being said, load up the vehicle and see the globe.

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