what vehicles can you tow behind an RV? Your RV is best for camping but perhaps not so much for regular driving. No one wants to pop up camper and pull their RV into town for exploring or chores.

Fortunately, many vehicles such as trucks, cars, and SUVS can be plane towed (also called liner towed) with all four wheels on the floor behind a motorhome. As a result, you’ll be able to use your regular vehicle in the region. Due to their ease of setup and constrained constraints, certain types are more popular for flat towing than others. So, which flat-towing cars are most popular among campers?

These escaping cases make campers’ life much easier when they stay. But earlier, we’ll describe a few things to think about before towing a vehicle behind your RV.

So What Can You Tow?

According to Fiat Chrysler, if a car has a rear-wheel drive with a manual gearbox or four-wheel drive and an instruction manual transfer case that can be put in neutral, it can be towed dinghy-style. Jeeps and Ram pickup trucks are popular dinghy vehicles made by the company.

Checking the owner’s handbook is the best approach to ensure a vehicle is suitable for flat towing. Almost every carmaker specifies whether a car may be towed on all four wheels or must be transferred on a flat car truck or trailer or dragged “two-down” with the driving wheels off the ground in every model’s handbook (see the towing or recreational towing section).

MotorHome publication offers a complete list of dinghy-towable vehicles every year for a more comprehensive overview. They go back to the 1990 model year and are available for free download.

Tips and Tricks – RV Towing guide

  • Check towing rules where you are going

 Make sure the rules and regulation of your state and consult with authorities and also check rules and regulation according to your every state policy and place where you will staying

  • make sure with an insurance policy 

Even if you dual-checked towing your vehicle, accidents have must, so be sure you have enough insurance. Unexpected situations, particularly car accidents, will be easier to manage with and cover.

  • Check the towing capacity 

Your RV’s towing ability to pull your vehicle wants to be checked and understood. Make sure your harness can raise a whole load of your small vehicle or will not snap off beside the ride.

  • Check your rear visibility 

Ensure that before traveling, have a finder or a consistent check for your smaller vehicles even while driving. Your towed vehicle will be uncertain and obscure from your point of view, specifically if you’re multiple-towing. You may have some choice to install a wireless webcam at the back of your RV or use a wireless tire load sensor to observe the gear you’re towing exactly.

what vehicles can you tow behind an RV

what vehicles can you tow behind an RV

  • Jeep Gladiator (2020-2021):

Jeep Gladiator is built a midsize truck and ultimate outdoorsy vehicle. It gives good best and clearness ride horizontal to its five-link interruption. And, best of all, it blends your favorite aspects of Jeeps and pickup trucks.

It’s exchangeable, with a removable top and doors. It’s best for towing and pulling.

The Gladiator can manage all of your needs when you’re driving about town, going to the hardware store, or hiking the path. You will never have to put it behind because it can drive behind your RV.

what vehicles can you tow behind an RV
  • Ford Ranger (2019-2021)

Ford’s midsize is a common choice for towing flat and is midsize the ranger and pickup. It provides a more solid substitute full-size pickup, and it looks great and features flat two parts fitted; Furthermore, because these new-brand Rangers have no speed or gap restrictions, you may link up and go.

  • Ram 1500 (2010-2021)

Ram 1500 is a great flat-towable pickup truck, and also exclusive rearmost coil springs on these pickup trucks suggest a smoother drive than another one-half part-ton truck, creating it a good daily driver.

Only 4WD brands can be flat towed. Its speed distance is no limitation, so the truck is prepared to tab sideways on any exploration.

RAM 1500
  • chevy equinox (2010-2021)

if we talk about the Chevy, the Equinox is a motor vehicle emerging in recognition specially used in the world for a vessel towing. This is no shock when you think about its comparatively low-cost device, simple technology, and best gas range. In the list, the chevy equinox may not be the motivating option.

  • Smart Fortwo (2009-2015)

Mostly efficient options, we will discuss the 2009-2015 Smart Fortwo. The Fortwo’s size Fortwo (in length less than 9-ft.) and light curb weight (around 1,800 lbs.) make it wonderful for towing behind massive and modest motorhomes in the same way.

 If you travel single companion and other relatives, the Fortwo is best and don’t need to tow much equipment or shipment.

The electric drive models the Fortwo are not surface towable, but traditional versions can be towed without the limitation of distance and velocity.

  •  Ford Focus (2016-2018)

If we discuss the more competitive motorhomes, Ford Focus 2.0L is a good product for the 2016-2018 century.

Its size is small. We can quickly drive and park, but it still has lots of storage capacity for rations and any equipment you want.

The Ford Focus curb weighs 3,00 lbs around, the best focal point for towing behind any motorhome.


what vehicles can you tow behind an RV? Yes, we can tow behind an RV. If a motor vehicle is outfitted with either tail-wheel need and an instruction manual conduction or four-wheel drive and a guide move case that has the choice of putting it in pale, then it can furthermost likely be smooth-towed.

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